Smart & Safe Cities

Today’s cities face a wide spectrum of threats to public safety and security, natural disasters and other emergencies. To mitigate the impact of these situations, city authorities require real-time information and insights into what is happening in and around their governing areas. There is a growing case for utilizing new and emerging technologies in the drive for safer and efficient cities. In this context, integrated public infrastructure security solutions provide a comprehensive framework for a single, holistic operational view and access to real-time visual, audio and location-based information. These solutions help make cities safer and secure by empowering authorities to prevent, manage and respond to potential risk scenarios effectively

We focus integrated public safety and security systems which ideally encompass three main elements – Monitoring, Communication and Mobility solutions. These aspects are linked together by the fourth element, a Integrated Command and Control Center Solution (ICCC) to mitigate risk across the city environment by providing actionable intelligence and enabling speedy security incident resolution

Monitoring Solutions

Video Surveillance and Analytics

IP based CCTV cameras that provide significant advantages such as scalability, remote monitoring over internet and easy sorting of digital video files. These IP-based solutions also support intelligent video analytics that augment the video surveillance systems with real-time detection and alerts for defined events. Video analytics transform IP video into business intelligence. By leveraging existing video surveillance infrastructure, video analytics are a highly cost-effective means to augment security with new detection capabilities, reduce staffing requirements by directing attention to key events, automate access control and other facility functions, and collect data on customer behavior

Collaborative Monitoring

Many cities typically have surveillance systems deployed by multiple public and private establishments. We provide a safe city solution with a collaborative framework that can receive video feeds from these systems and sub-systems to ensure real-time responses

Automatic License Plate Recognition

Automatic License Plate Recognition (ALPR) is a video analytic that reads license plates and other vehicle markings, and seamlessly integrates the data into the site’s security and operational processes. The analytic can be used for automating vehicle access systems such as gates and other barriers, flag vehicle in/out times in surveillance footage, notify customer management systems of client arrivals, and track vehicles crossing toll and border checkpoints

Crowd Detection

Crowd Detection is a video analytic that estimates the number of people within a given area in real time and triggers an alarm when a specified number of people (capacity) or a specified percentage of people (occupancy) is reached. Crowd Detection is ideal for public surveillance applications where the volume of people needs to be monitored for public safety or quality of service.

Face Recognition

Face Recognition is a video analytic that identifies known and unknown individuals. Using a combination of 2D to 3D pose correction technology, this analytic is designed for fast, reliable identification under real-world challenges, including lighting, angles, facial hair, pose, glasses and other occlusions, motion, crowds, and expression

Indoor People Tracking

Indoor People Tracking for detecting and monitoring the movement of people within indoor environments. Typical applications include intrusion detection, wrong-way detection, people counting and customer behavior analysis. The analytic retains its extremely high accuracy even in the presence of changing light conditions and shadows. Organizations can use tracked events to trigger alarms and direct operators to specific concerns, making it the perfect addition to any video surveillance system

Left and Removed Item Detection

Left and Removed Item Detection that monitors the presence of static objects within the field of view. The analytic is optimized for indoor environments and is designed to detect the addition of new objects as well as the removal of existing ones

Communication Systems

Network Connectivity

Robust, reliable and scalable networks are required to enable converged communication. These points of connections include cameras, data centers, Regional Command Centers, traffic command centers, police stations and other critical government databases. In addition to terrestrial connectivity, satellite connectivity is required at data centers, command centers and mobile vans as the former network systems are typically the first casualty in the case of an incident or disaster

Unified Communication Solution

This solution entails messaging and call channel across heterogeneous networks and systems to provide guaranteed message delivery, efficient routing, security and priority based messaging.

Data Centers

Data centers are used to record the video feeds for viewing at Command Centers and for future references. These data centers house NVRs, servers and storage required for recording and processing video feeds. The Command & Control Centers at both the regional and the central level will get required video feeds and alerts from the data centers.

Application Portfolio

This solution is built on open standards and a Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) to ensure seamless interoperability and integration for maintaining law and order in a city. Some of the key components of the Application Portfolio include video management system, recording system, analytics system, GIS and a customized dashboard for various categories of personnel. Customized applications can be created to integrate criminal database, RTO database, etc.

Mobility Solutions

Vehicle Mounted Camera

The vehicle is equipped with basic CCTV equipment, communication equipment, and video display systems along with seating capacity for operators. The Mobile Video Van is maintained in a complete state of readiness and is capable of capturing and streaming real-time video feeds of an incident.

Vehicle Tracking System on GIS maps

GPS based vehicle tracking of police vehicles/QRT vehicles/fire brigade trucks/ambulances enabled on GIS maps, enable the command center operator to accurately and easily locate these vehicles in case of any eventualities. The operator can communicate with these vehicles through a unified communication system to report to the location of casualty.

Command and Control Center Solution

This integrated solution enforces Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) and provides greater visibility of all security activity in a realtime single view and helps government authorities to implement and enforce rules and regulations. It enables situational awareness throughout its infrastructure by creating a unified and interactive intelligence picture, drawing data from all sensors, showing the location of the patrols and adding other relevant information such as video from different sources. This combined picture is constantly updated and can be sent by the Control Center to all patrols, thereby serving as a uniform basis for operational planning and allocation of tasks. The Physical Security Information Management system operates as part of an overall incident cycle that integrates disparate security agencies together. This cycle consist of four key phases – Plan, Detect, React and Analyse