KAVACH’s mission is to support clients in boosting their competitiveness where materials, technologies and Innovation play a critical role, providing confidential expertise for many types of strategic industrial initiatives. The experience Kavach has delivered in high demanding sectors, has given company the capability to be an partner in strategic development programmes to governments and public bodies in addition to supporting industrial operators in project development. The engineering services cover the entire project lifecycle, in accordance with engineering and industries best practices. As an independent organisation, we provide verification and validation as well as product/software assurance and reliability services in the segment

Big data is characterized by the rule of the three Vs: volume of data, their variety and their velocity. All of these are characterised by extremely high values. Kavach has developed technical skills,methodologies and tools to extract information and value from the mass of raw data. These data are collected and analysed to transform them into information for faster, more flexible and more efficient decision-making through the use of cognitive systems. Now, companies are asking us to help them use such data, not solely during warehouse management, logistics, production, but also for their business strategies

The Internet of Things (IoT) allows each production machine to communicate with one another in the same process area and enables the integration of related automation systems. The availability of a network of physical and virtual sensors capable of detecting the state of operation of each individual machine or component plays a key role in this integration process. For each machine there is a so called “digital twin”. The availability of enabling technologies is spontaneously evolving automation and control of production, integrating production areas themselves and inside and outside the classical company limits. We promote vertical integration of all automation components and information systems into a single process area. When the production control connects all the machines of all the individual process areas we help to enable horizontal integration.

Operational assurance and predictive maintenance service is based on the identification of one or more service parameters that are measured and predicted over time using appropriate mathematical models. The key point is to predict the residual lifetime of one or more components before they fail in an irreparable way, causing the system to which they belong to stop completely.

The detection of an unexpected change in the expected value of the parameters under control, indicates the start of a continuous degradation condition. Based on a specific model, we can predict the residual useful life of the component in question before the occurrence of a catastrophic failure. With the availability of enabling technologies, and in particular intelligent built-in sensors, integrated predictive maintenance has become one of the main applications of Industry 4.0.